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We understand the natural cross-over that occurs between city tour categories. Your offerings do not fall into just a single box and neither do your customers, which is why we leverage our expertise with various operators to inform your customized marketing strategy.

Our Expertise in This Industry Includes...

Increase Direct Bookings

Retarget Target Audience

Generate Awareness

Increase Booking Value

Sustained Growth

Marketing Automations

A Few of Our Urban Clients

Urban Tour Categories

Urban Operator Case Studies

Go Tuk'n Case Study
Go Tuk'n Logo

Case Study

Growth During COVID-19

With a new website build and a robust mix of marketing services, we were able to help Go Tuk’n continuously drive valuable traffic to their site as well as develop new offerings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in Online Revenue


Increase in Online Conversion Rate

Jan – Aug 2021 compared to Jan – Aug 2019

Redtail Air Google Ads Case Study
Redtail Air

Case Study

Moab Scenic Flights Benefits From Their 1st Time Running Google Ads

Redtail Air saw an ROAS of 7.3x in 2021 under TOMIS compared 0.9x under different management. 


As we aggregate data, we will look to continuously improve from this 7.3x return. 


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Increase In Revenue From Google Ads Compared to 2019


Increase in Ad Spend Compared to 2019

HeliNY SEO Case Study
HeliNY Sightseeing

Case Study

Building a strong SEO foundation

Starting with an in-depth SEO audit, a strategy was put together to address priority errors, implement detailed keyword research, and conduct extensive local SEO work. After 2 months of SEO services, organic traffic and revenue began to see significant growth.


Organic Traffic


Online Revenue from Organic Traffic


Online Transactions from Organic Traffic

Aug – Sept 2021 vs Aug – Sept 2019

Peddling Pelican Case Study
Peddling pelican Logo

Case Study

Integrated Blitz Campaign

In 2021, we put together a blitz strategy in coordination with a large local event to target new traffic coming to the area. The strategy involved leveraging Google Ads and Paid Social to geo-target and search-target those coming in for the event. Upon blitz completion, Peddling Pelican not only experienced substantial website traffic growth the paid advertising channels, but also a 392.66% increase in total revenue.


Website Traffic

+ 708.33%

Social Website Traffic

+ 3,596.67%

Google Ads Website Traffic

Mar – Apr 2021 vs Mar – Apr 2020

Lawless Forge SEO Case Study
Lawless Forge, SEO for Tour Operators

Case Study

SEO Efforts Driving Historical Growth In 2021

Lawless Forge brought on SEO services to maintain the foundation set during their 2019 website build. Through a strong keyword strategy, regular SEO audits, and consistent optimizations , they have seen significant year-over-year growth in organic traffic & revenue.




Organic Traffic

+ 93%

Organic Traffic Ecommerce Conversion Rate

+ 163%

Online Revenue From Organic Traffic​

Mint Julep Email Case Study
Mint Julep Tours

Case Study

Email Automation

The Welcome Email Automation sets the tone for all future email marketing correspondence. 

This client has three emails in their Welcome Automation. Each email in the series has its own objective and messaging associated with it, with strategic send times based on drip email tactics and the client’s average booking lead time.


Open Rate


Online Revenue Attributed


Leads Attributed

January 2021 – October 2021

Nashville Pedal Tavern ChatBot Case Study
Nashville Pedal Tavern

Case Study

ChatBot Performance: January - September 2021

As the leading Party Bike brand in the industry, their staff used to deal with thousands of unnecessary phone calls and emails for FAQs. Their ChatBot has proven to not just be a very effective automated customer service agent, with only 3% of visitors requesting a human, but also an extremely powerful sales enablement tool. Those that interacted with the Bot booked online at a 167% higher rate than the all website traffic average. 


Total Customer Messages


Bookings from the Bot


Online Revenue from the Bot

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Dylan's Testimonial

I have worked with TOMIS for over 2 years. They helped build our website, along with our digital marketing strategy. The reason why I chose TOMIS over all the competition is that I wanted a ONE STOP SHOP. I was sick of having three different companies working for us. It’s nice that they have a complete understanding of our business,  from top to bottom. The best part about TOMIS is that they have great communication!

Dylan's Tours San Francisco Logo

Dylan David


Dylan’s Tours

Mint Julep's Testimonial

The best in the industry in analytics, digital design, and advertising; while also handling multiple locations in my opinion.

Mint Julep Tours

Sean Higgins


Mint Julep Experiences

Lawless Forge Testimonial

TOMIS is an excellent company that has contributed in a vital way to our business growth and digital presence. Not only do they have a deep understanding of the various digital efforts to grow our brand, but they also take the time to educate us on marketing best practices and strategies to help us raise our bar internally as well.

Lawless Forge Logo

Max Levi


Lawless Forge

Pontoon Saloon Testimonial

“TOMIS has been a great partner to us, they bring a tech-driven approach that is flexible where needed but most importantly gives us two key capabilities we could not find elsewhere: 1. the TOMIS Marketing App and 2. the ability to rely on TOMIS working in the background on our behalf while we operate the business.” 
Pontoon Saloon Logo

Andrew Ostrowski


Pontoon Saloon

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