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Our team at TOMIS is ready to bring the experience we have gained with air tour clients across the country to help you launch a successful marketing strategy for your business. We understand the seasonality of tourists as well as the difficulty reaching the local market. Through a combination of services including SEO, Website CRO, Paid Social Marketing, and Google Ads, we work with your team to drive high value traffic to your site and increase your online revenue. 

Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Private Experiences
  • Charters 
  • Mid-week bookings
  • Urban markets
  • National Park markets

A Few Of Our Air Tour Clients

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Aviation Tour Operators

In the often competitive markets of aviation tours, the first step is to gain strong ranking positions in search results. Our method incorporates a detailed keyword research strategy with broad & niche terms as well as detailed off page and local SEO optimizations. 

Content marketing is a welcome addition to any SEO strategy. Blog content can often be a user’s first interaction with your business and provides the opportunity to start building a strong relationship with your customer. Topics range from area guides and itineraries to crew introductions and answers to specific aviation questions.

Paid social marketing is an effective way to build build brand awareness and retarget those who have engaged with your business but not yet booked. It is a means to reach entirely new audiences, address concerns such as safety and pricing, and highlight the positive experiences of past customers.

After reaching the site, it is critical that users have a simple and enjoyable experience. There are many levers to pull here such as ensuring the site is fully accessible, addressing common aviation questions, and making all tour/charter options readily available. 

Aviation Operators Case Studies

HeliNY Sightseeing

Case Study

Building a strong SEO foundation

Starting with an in-depth SEO audit, a strategy was put together to address priority errors, implement detailed keyword research, and conduct extensive local SEO work. After 2 months of SEO services, organic traffic and revenue began to see significant growth.


Organic Traffic


Online Revenue from Organic Traffic


Online Transactions from Organic Traffic

Aug – Sept 2021 vs Aug – Sept 2019

Redtail Air Google Ads Case Study
Redtail Air

Case Study

Moab Scenic Flights Benefits From Their 1st Time Running Google Ads

Redtail Air saw an ROAS of 7.3x in 2021 under TOMIS compared 0.9x under different management. 


As we aggregate data, we will look to continuously improve from this 7.3x return. 


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Increase In Revenue From Google Ads Compared to 2019


Increase in Ad Spend Compared to 2019

HeliNY Google Ads Case Study
HeliNY Sightseeing

Case Study

10x+ Return For Helicopter Sightseeing Operator in New York City

HeliNY’s ROAS was 10.6x in their first year working with TOMIS. This compares to a 1.5x ROAS under different management in 2019.

While we like to say Google Ads performance is a marathon, not a sprint, this is an example of immediate performance increase out of the gate.


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Revenue Generated From Google Ads (4/16/21 - 10/13/21)


Increase in ROAS

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Digital marketing for aviation tour operators

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