Google Ads for Tour Operators

Google Ads can be a tour operator’s #1 asset, when managed correctly. 

Google Ads Metrics You Should Care About


Average Return on Ad Spend for TOMIS Clients in 2022


Average CTR for TOMIS Clients in 2022


World's Most Popular PPC Platform with 3.5B Searches per Day

Why TOMIS is the Best Google Ads Option for Tour Operators

We Make Your Results Transparent, Leaving Any Confusion Out Of it.

Not only are you competing with your direct competitors, but gigantic Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) who have endless budgets to put towards their campaigns. First, we will decide if Google Ads is a good fit for your business, and at what capacity. Then, we will build your campaigns, manage them in an ongoing fashion, and report on them once a month. 

Google Ads will be optimized weekly and reported on once a month via the automated TOMIS reports. Our integrated Ads strategy is tailored to your business objectives, competitive landscape, and organic traffic rankings. Our customized conversion tracking ensures we can track every dollar spent to understand your ROAS.

These campaigns are directly associated with your SEO strategy and other paid advertising initiatives. By centralizing the monitoring and maintenance of these campaigns, we can help ensure they are not overlapping one another, the allocation of dollars to each campaign is appropriate, and they are playing a complementary role to each other. 

Why Google Ads Can Be a Tour Operator’s Best Friend

Google Ads can be a tour operator’s best friend, but it has to be managed correctly to maximize your opportunities and keep costs down.

Google Ads can put you at the top of the search results page, gaining you immediate exposure and driving direct revenue. But if not managed and tracked correctly, they can be an easy way to waste money and not know what you’re getting in return. 

Google Ads Case Studies


Case Study

Google Ads + Pent-Up Travel Demand near Glacier National Park

We took advantage of the pent-up adventure travel demand that hit Glacier in 2021. Comparing the 2021 season versus 2019, we drove 184% more revenue from our Google Ads, while spend was actually down 4.2% and our cost per click decreased 36%. We achieved a 37.8x ROAS compared to 12.7x in 2019. 


Increase in Revenue from Google Ads (Compared to 2019 season)


Spend on Google Ads

37.8x ROAS

From Online Bookings Alone

HeliNY Sightseeing

Case Study

10x+ Return For Helicopter Sightseeing Operator in New York City

HeliNY’s ROAS was 10.6x in their first year working with TOMIS. This compares to a 1.5x ROAS under different management in 2019.

While we like to say Google Ads performance is a marathon, not a sprint, this is an example of immediate performance increase out of the gate.


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Revenue Generated From Google Ads (4/16/21 - 10/13/21)


Increase in ROAS


Case Study

Google Ads Driving Immediate Revenue In Business' 1st Year

In Nashville Pontoon Saloon’s first year or business, we were able to drive a 26x ROAS with Google Ads while competing in the PPC auction space with the likes of giant OTA’s such as Viator, GetYourGuide and more.


Online Bookings

26x ROAS

From Online Bookings alone


Additional Leads (Phone calls, Contact Forms, Emails)

Redtail Air

Case Study

Moab Scenic Flights Benefits From Their 1st Time Running Google Ads

Redtail Air saw an ROAS of 7.3x in 2021 under TOMIS compared 0.9x under different management. 


As we aggregate data, we will look to continuously improve from this 7.3x return. 


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Increase In Revenue From Google Ads Compared to 2019


Increase in Ad Spend Compared to 2019

OneHHI Hilton Head

Case Study

First Year Of Management Sees Immediate Results

OneHHI – A Hilton Head Island Boat Tours & Rentals Company, switched to TOMIS to run their Google Ads in 2021. When comparing the results to 2019, they are impactful. 


While the ad spend stayed the same, the online revenue from the ads saw an increase of 367% giving them an 8.7x ROAS in 2021 compared to a 1.8x ROAS in 2019. 


ROAS in 2021


Increase In Revenue From Google Ads Compared to 2019


Increase in Ad Spend Compared to 2019

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Google Ads for Tour Operators

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