Paid Social Advertising for Tour Operators

TOMIS uses a proven, full-funnel approach blending brand awareness, website visitor retargeting, and abandoned booking efforts to achieve high-value, revenue-generating results for your tour operator business. 

TOMIS Paid Social Advertising for Tour Operators

Paid Social Advertising Metrics You Should Care About


More Conversions than Organic Social Media Content


American Adults Use Social Media


Average Number of Times Potential Customers Need to See Something Before Buying

Why TOMIS Is The Best Paid Social Option For Tour Operators

Industry Knowledge And Expertise

At TOMIS, we know the Urban Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Tourism industry like the back of our hand. We use our knowledge and experience to inform our audience targeting, campaign optimizations, and strategy as a whole. We place a large focus on brand awareness, engagement, and retargeting when creating paid social strategies based on seasonality for your specific activity vertical.

Our Paid Social Advertising Funnel For Tour Operators

We let our industry expertise guide us through our paid social funnel – awareness, website retargeting, & abandoned booking.

  • Awareness – Increase your brands’ familiarity among your target audience.
  • Website Retargeting – Bring back individuals who have interacted with your ads and visited your site during a specific amount of time, but do not initiate a checkout. We use our expertise to determine the custom audiences we target based on your average booking lead time. The campaign serves to keep your brand fresh in the mind of the consumer and help drive them back to the website to initiate a checkout and book. This strategy is highly relevant for tour operators because most individuals planning a tour/vacation tend to shop around. Customers may visit both you and your competitors’ sites to see their offerings before deciding.
  • Abandoned Booking – Retarget all individuals who initiate, but abandon an online booking. The purpose of the abandoned booking strategy is to recover reservations that might have otherwise been lost. Cart abandonment is a big deal, and slight reductions in abandonment can lead to big improvements in bookings. By targeting and nurturing those who did abandon their booking, we create a high-quality audience of clearly interested consumers to work with.


Why Paid Social Advertising Matters for Tour Operators

Admit it…you use social media to plan your trips too. There is a reason for that. With highly-personalized algorithms, Facebook and Instagram know just WHAT to serve us and WHEN to serve it. Thinking about planning a trip to Hawaii? After a few quick Google searches, you’ll be served targeted tourism paid social advertising from operators trying to win over your business. In today’s digital age, if your business isn’t taking advantage of paid social advertising, chances are a competitor is winning the sale. 

At TOMIS we are experts in the tourism industry, not only as thought-leaders in the marketing space, but as past guides and wanderlust souls ourselves. It is that combination that gives us the experience and credibility needed to take your business to the next level with paid social advertising. 

TOMIS Paid Social Advertising for Tour Operators

TOMIS Paid Social Advertising for Tour Operators dashboard

Paid Social Advertising for Tour Operators Case Studies

Greatland Adventures
Greatland Adventures Logo

Case Study

When a Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Greatland Adventures started incorporating paid social into their overall digital marketing strategy during the summer of 2020 after recognizing the value of retargeting website visitors and reaching potential new clients through interest audiences. 

With less than $1,000 total ad spend, they have already seen over $14,000 additional revenue. 


+ 1,919%

Return On Ad Spend

+ 63,170

Targeted Potential Clients Reached

+ 1,734

Link Clicks that Drove Additional Website Traffic

Whitewater Express - Chattahoochee
Whitewater Express Logo 2

Case Study

Increased Revenue & Exposure Year-Round

In the summer of 2020, Whitewater Express began running paid social ads to promote their year-round rafting and zip line business out of their Columbus, GA location. 

It didn’t take long for Whitewater Express to benefit from the additional brand awareness and website visitor retargeting ads.  


+ 1,072%

Return On Ad Spend

+ 821,019

Targeted Potential Clients Reached

+ 1,639

Link Clicks that Drove Additional Website Traffic

Nashville Pedal Tavern
Nashville Pedal Tavern

Case Study

Record-Breaking ROI

In Music City, the fun never stops. Since starting with TOMIS, Nashville Pedal Tavern has seen their business continue to skyrocket, year after year. 

2021 is no different. With a few months left of the year, Paid Social Advertising has already brought in over $100k in revenue with a staggering 36x ROAS.  


Return On Ad Spend


Directly-Attributable Facebook Revenue


Paid Social Impressions

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