Via a custom API Integration, your customers can now have access to the TOMIS Marketing App! It makes a beautiful sales partnership – we help tour operators grow their business online, which means growing your online booking commissions. Our marketing app is like no other – it’s specially made for tour operators! By partnering with TOMIS, you can offer your customers that special-something that not many other reservation systems can.



Need a helping hand to run your agency? We white label our marketing app, giving you access to utilize our data dashboards, marketing notification functionality, and others to custom run your marketing business.



Have something else to offer? Maybe you’re a waiver system that works primarily with tour operators, or maybe not a reservation system but a payment processing that functions similarly. We love working with all sorts of various companies in many capacities – just reach out!

At Peek, we’re excited about Tomis. The problem that Tomis is solving is real in terms of the revenue and operational impact it can have – on almost any type of tour or activity operator. We’re looking forward to working with them to help our operators grow. At Peek, we generate revenue every time a booking is made and our Success team is excited to refer clients to Tomis and work hand-in-hand to create high impact results for all parties
Matt Newton,
Director of Marketing at Peek