Website CRO
for Tour Operators

We focus on understanding your site’s visitors and the buyer journey. We utilize all data to understand and inform changes to your website’s front-end (user interface and user experience) to streamline the purchasing process and improve the sales funnel, while also supporting ongoing marketing campaigns.

Website Metrics You Should Care About

4.6 billion

Number of Global Internet
Users As of 2021


Users That Judge a Company's Credibility Based On Their Website

.05 seconds

How Quickly a User Forms An Opinion About Your Website

Why TOMIS Is The Best Website CRO Option For Tour Operators


There are basic principles of Website CRO regarding functionality, accessibility, and general design standards. There are also seemingly endless ways to approach it for individual businesses and their unique customers. This is where TOMIS comes in. 

We are deeply integrated in the tourism industry and have spent years developing data informed website strategies specifically for this niche. Our team works with you to implement changes tailored to your particular location, activity vertical, and brand, while accounting for seasonality and new offerings.

What Is Website CRO

Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is focused on designing websites that drive an increase in visitors converting into bookers and leads. It requires an in-depth analysis of the entire customer journey as well as an understanding of the customers themselves. When done well, Website CRO provides a seamless online experience for both the users and the operators. 

Why Website CRO Matters For Tour Operators

Your website is one of the first interactions a customer has with your business. It is an opportunity to showcase your value, address any questions or concerns, and start building the customer relationship. 

Particularly in competitive markets, the user experience is becoming increasingly important. Design and functionality are critical in ensuring that your hard-earned website visitors are converting rather than bouncing off your site.

TOMIS Website CRO Management

Conversion Rate Optimization Services Using Hotjar

Website CRO Case Studies

Arkansas River Tours Logo

Case Study

Online Revenue Surges in 2020

We worked alongside ART to navigate the unknown challenges that accompanied COVID-19, ultimately leading ART to their most profitable year in the company’s history. By incorporating some of our top tools (TOMIS ChatBot & Mobile Menu Bar, Google Optimize), we were able to increase the ecommerce conversion rate and bring in more online revenue than the year previous


Online Revenue


Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Bounce Rate

Jan – Sept 2021 vs Jan – Sept 2020

Front Royal Outdoors

Case Study

Conversion Rate Optimization Experiments

After countless customer questions about trip durations and times, we hypothesized that adding a hover tool tip to the duration selections would help customers find their way on the Front Royal Outdoors website. The variant (served to 50% of sessions) for the experiment won. We solved an operational problem and increased the website’s e-commerce conversion rate. 


Increase In E-Commerce Conversion Rate


Probability To Be The Best Variant


Projected Additional Revenue


Case Study

Glacier Raft Company

Glacier Raft Company is a whitewater rafting outfitter in West Glacier, MT. In 2021, we set out to increase bookings for fly fishing trips. In order to do so, we leveraged the ever popular fly fishing reports and implemented a “Popular Fishing Trips” sidebar to create a more direct booking flow for potential customers. 


Increase In Pages Per Session


Increase In ECom Conversion Rate


Increase In Online Revenue

Golf Canada's West Logo

Case Study

Online Leads Soar in 2021

We worked with Golf Canada’s West to improve the user experience and increase their website leads. Through implementation of the TOMIS Mobile Menu Bar as well as optimization of the navigation menu, page structure, and lead form, we were able to significantly increase their online lead conversion rate and average session duration while decreasing the bounce rate. 


Lead Conversion Rate


Average Session Duration


Bounce Rate

Jan – Oct 2021 vs Jan – Oct 2019

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Website Conversion Rate Optimization for Tour Operators

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