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Combining industry experience with the best in artificial intelligence, your chatbot works 24/7/365 to handle everything from FAQs to checking real-time availability.

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Your ChatBot is built around your specific business, covering everything from basic FAQs to the smallest details of your business. This means less of your time is spent answering the same questions over and over, and more time can be dedicated to providing world-class experiences.

Reduce sales friction and drive more online conversions with the help of your ChatBot by providing customers with the answers they are looking for 24/7. Partnering with your reservation system, your Bot can check availability in real time, quickly moving customers to check out directly from their ChatBot conversation.

Whether customers are visiting your site for the first time or looking for photos from their recent trip, the ChatBot is prepared to help customers at every stage of the journey. With key data reporting on what questions your customers are asking most, our team will help craft your bot to best fit your business needs.

With an average conversation accuracy around 95%, the ChatBot is built to handle most customer questions. However, we know the value of directing those remaining 5% of questions to the right person. That’s why we offer two options to seamlessly transition customers to your team when they need extra assistance.

AI ChatBot Case Studies

Nashville Pedal Tavern
Nashville Pedal Tavern

Case Study

ChatBot Performance: January - September 2021

As the leading Party Bike brand in the industry, their staff used to deal with thousands of unnecessary phone calls and emails for FAQs. Their ChatBot has proven to not just be a very effective automated customer service agent, with only 3% of visitors requesting a human, but also an extremely powerful sales enablement tool. Those that interacted with the Bot booked online at a 167% higher rate than the all website traffic average. 


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High Country

Case Study

ChatBot: 2021 Peak Season Performance

The High Country Adventure inbox was full of unanswered questions and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Now the TOMIS AI ChatBot answers over 1,500 questions per month and allows the team to focus on crafting world-class experiences. 


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Online Revenue from the ChatBot


Bot Conversion Rate (Compared to all website average)

Speed Boat Adventures
speed boat adventures logo

Case Study

ChatBot: First 30 Days Performance

With four locations around the world, Speed Boat Adventures needed a way to answer customer questions and be sure they were getting the correct information based on location. Their AI ChatBot paid for itself within the month, pushing customers to the correct location before guiding them to book! 


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