Website Hosting for Tour Operators

Website Hosting for Tour Operators

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Our dedicated, private server is optimized for WordPress sites, which means a higher performing and faster website for you and a better experience for your customers! Your website will receive monthly maintenance that includes items such as plugin updates, site backups, and overall health checks. You will have a dedicated team to manage your technical website needs. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and customer support! 
Our server is only for TOMIS clients. You can rest assured knowing where your site lives and trusting the other sites that live with it. We optimize every site on our server, so your site doesn’t get slowed down.
Our dedicated TOMIS development team is familiar with the needs of tourism businesses like yours and is
always around to address any issues or concerns you have.
As part of your hosting plan with TOMIS, your site will receive monthly maintenance that includes plugin updates and overall website health checks.

On top of the increased performance of your website, you will feel peace of mind knowing your site is in professional hands. Our dedicated development team is always ready to provide you with any support you may need.  

Website Performance Examples

Grizzly Hackle
Redtail Air
Mint Julep Nashville
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