SEO For Tour Operators

Let’s put the jargon aside and talk about the function Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves in increasing direct bookings and sustained business growth.

SEO For Tour Operators

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Why TOMIS Is The Best SEO Option For Tour Operators

Why SEO Matters For Tour Operators​

Our world is digital. Even if a customer is planning on booking in person, they will likely look up your business online to decide if they want to go on your tour or rent your product.

Not only does SEO help your customers find you, but your rankings serve as part of your online reputation. Higher rankings, local pack features, and your Google My Business profile signal to users that you are a reputable and reliable company in your local area.

Not Every Agency Approaches SEO The Same

While many of us follow similar guidelines, each agency approaches SEO in its own way. Unfortunately, it can be easy for agencies to fall behind on best practices, and many strategies that used to be commonplace in SEO can now be detrimental to your rankings. At TOMIS, we not only stay up to date on best practices, but we also understand your industry and use that understanding to inform your SEO strategy. We place a large focus on local SEO and create our strategies based on seasonality for your specific activity vertical.

SEO As Part Of Your Integrated Marketing Strategy With TOMIS

Our collaborative team takes an integrated approach when it comes to leveraging SEO within your company’s marketing service mix.

In our marketing ecosystem, when content marketing and SEO live together in your service mix, your website will produce rich blog content backed by keyword research, seasonality, and audience insights. Blogs allow you to capture searchers at the top of the sales funnel who are searching for relevant keywords. Keyword-rich blogs give you an opportunity to not only rank for targeted keywords and send traffic to your site, but they also signal to Google that your business has authority in that space. We have seen client rankings increase across their site shortly after blog posts start performing well.


TOMIS SEO Management

SEO Case Studies

Idaho River Adventures, SEO for Rafting Outfiters

Case Study

Organic Traffic Hits All Time High In Competitive Market

Backed by industry knowledge, audience insights, and strong keyword research, IRA saw outstanding growth in their organic traffic & revenue since beginning their SEO marketing services with TOMIS. This was made possible through a combination of local SEO optimizations, technical SEO cleanups, and keyword-focused blogging.


Organic Traffic

+ 93%

Online Revenue From Organic Traffic​​

+ 270%

Website Traffic From Blogs

Lawless Forge, SEO for Tour Operators

Case Study

SEO Efforts Driving Historical Growth In 2021

Lawless Forge brought on SEO services to maintain the foundation set during their 2019 website build. Through a strong keyword strategy, regular SEO audits, and consistent optimizations , they have seen significant year-over-year growth in organic traffic & revenue.




Organic Traffic

+ 93%

Organic Traffic Ecommerce Conversion Rate

+ 163%

Online Revenue From Organic Traffic​

Grizzly Hackle SEO For Fly Fishing Outfitters

Case Study

Organic Traffic Surges in 2020, Despite the Pandemic

From on-page optimizations to local SEO work, backlink outreach and keyword-focused content marketing, the Grizzly Hackle’s organic traffic soared in 2020. Their top performing blog last year earned them the featured snippet for “Fly Fishing in Montana” and resulted in nearly 25,000 website visits. 


Organic Traffic

+ 144%

Organic Traffic Conversion Rate


Website Visitors From Their Top Blog

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