Email Marketing
for Tour Operators

Have news to share? Leads to nurture? Brand advocates to build? Email marketing may be the lever to pull! Within the tours and activity industry, customers spend a significant amount of time in the dreaming and planning stages. If you can reach them via email automations and targeted lead generation emails, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. 

Email Marketing Metrics You Should Care About


Average Open Rate for the
Travel & Transportation Industry


Percent of B2C Who Turn to Email to Distribute Their Content

4 Billion

Daily Email Users

What You Can Expect with TOMIS Email Marketing Services

TOMIS will build out a series of targeted email automation campaigns to help engage current subscribers and past customers. These automations will connect with contacts at every stage of the customer journey — from the dreaming stage to the planning stage to the booking stage and then re-engage them post-tour. If email automations aren’t the best fit for your target audience and offerings, TOMIS will work with you to send out strategic newsletters, whether those go out monthly, quarterly or seasonly.

Every email campaign has a unique objective, whether that’s bringing valuable information to subscribers planning their trip, or driving direct bookings. It’s important to understand each email’s objective and its role in the integrated digital marketing strategy.

Not only does TOMIS track open and click data of each email campaign, but also the website traffic driven, online leads, and direct bookings. These performance metrics are all reported within the TOMIS Marketing App so you can monitor their success.

*MailChimp is our preferred platform and is required for TOMIS App reporting integration

Why Email Marketing Matters for Tour Operators

For tour operators, email marketing is key for guiding customers through the planning and booking process, and then re-engaging them post-tour to become brand advocates. In addition to newsletters with updates and promotions, operators should be leveraging segmented email automation series and autoresponders to alleviate the time and energy put into responding and nurturing every lead type. 

If you don’t have a lot to say via email, don’t completely dismiss building a subscriber base. TOMIS leverages email marketing lists in paid advertising strategies — bringing us back to that integrated digital strategy.

TOMIS Email Marketing Management

Email Marketing Case Studies

Greatland Case Study
Greatland Adventures Logo

Case Study

The Power of
Email Marketing

TOMIS’ email marketing services have already added great value to Greatland Adventure’s overall marketing strategy. As an additional customer touchpoint, email marketing can be leveraged to highlight popular trips, connect with customers on a personal level, and increase promising leads. 

If you’re ready to elevate your comprehensive digital marketing plan, let us help!


+ 1,204

Potential Customers Contacted from CVB

+ 168%

Newsletter Subscriber Open Rate Increase with A/B Testing

+ 2,592

People Engaged with Custom Tour Itinerary Popup

UEG Case Study

Case Study

Puzzle Club Automation
To Drive Subscriber Engagement

During a time when escape room bookings were low, we sought to engage and interact with email subscribers through an email automation delivering weekly puzzles.

While engaging existing subscribers, the puzzle automation also enticed new subscribers with a new offer and consistent delivery.


Open Rate


Click Rate


Emails in the Automation Series

June 2020 – September 2021 and Ongoing

MJE Case Study
Mint Julep Tours

Case Study

Email Automation

The Welcome Email Automation sets the tone for all future email marketing correspondence. 

This client has three emails in their Welcome Automation. Each email in the series has its own objective and messaging associated with it, with strategic send times based on drip email tactics and the client’s average booking lead time.


Open Rate


Online Revenue Attributed


Leads Attributed

January 2021 – October 2021

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Email Marketing for Tour Operators

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