Engage and convert better with SMS Chat.

SMS chat improves the customer communication experience, saving you time and making you more money. 

Customer Support On the Go

With SMS Chat, customers no longer need to call your office or wait around on your website to connect with a member of your team. With over a 98% open rate for SMS messages, you’ll never miss a lead.

Whether you’re in the office or out on the river, the TOMIS mobile app means you’ll never miss a message from a customer.  You can respond to messages from your phone or your desktop, and the conversation can easily be handed from agent to agent.

By combining the power of the AI ChatBot with the SMS Chat feature, customers can chat with your TOMIS AI ChatBot Assistant for answers to basic FAQs, as well as seamlessly transition to texting directly with your team if they need additional support. 

SMS Chat Case Study

Case Study

ChatBot: 2021 Peak Season Performance

The High Country Adventure inbox was full of unanswered questions and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Now, the TOMIS AI ChatBot answers over 1,500 questions per month and allows the team to focus on crafting world-class experiences. 


Total Customer Messages


Online Revenue from the ChatBot


Bot Conversion Rate (compared to all website average)


How much does it cost? What is included in the cost? 
The cost of SMS Chat is included in the cost of the TOMIS app monthly subscription. More information on pricing here.

What is the difference between SMS Chat and Live Chat (Webchat)?
For you as the operator, the difference between SMS and Live Chat is minimal.  With either option, you’ll be able to respond to inbound inquiries via the TOMIS desktop and mobile app. The main difference is that Live Chat requires site visitors to stay on your site, while SMS Chat allows customers to take the conversation with them.

Can I use the SMS feature without the AI ChatBot?
SMS Chat can be used as a standalone feature or in combination with the AI ChatBot. Our team is happy to talk through all the available configuration options to assist in your decision of what will provide the most value for your business.

SMS Chat for Tour Operators

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