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Integrated Marketing Strategies to Fill Your Tours

Just as you pair the best food and drink with unique experiences for your guests to enjoy — TOMIS pairs our industry expertise with digital marketing best practices to growth our clients’ businesses. We understand that food and drink tours come in many formats, from types of establishments to modes of transportation to cultural aspects. For each of these, we have successfully created compelling messaging that converts and marketing strategies that remain as flexible as your business. Below are a few of the services and products we leverage to grow our clients’ food and drink tour bookings. 

Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Food & Drink Bus Tours
  • Food & Walking Tours
  • Cultural Food Tours
  • Spirit Tastings & Tours
  • Progressive Food Tours
  • Foodie Events
  • Public / Private Bookings
  • Corporate Bookings

A Few of our Food & Drink Tour Clients

Services & Products for Food & Drink Tour Operators

In creating our SEO and Content Marketing strategy for food and drink tour operators, we focus on keyword variation and page-specific themes. We’ll narrow our keyword targets from destination/vendor related pages to our main food/drink tours page to specific tour pages. Our Content Marketing strategy then reinforces these page themes and fills the keyword gaps with targeted blogs that also support user queries like “best restaurants in downtown” or “where the locals drink”. 

Having a tour-page that converts and answers guests’ questions is key for food and drink tours. On-page layout updates that have directly contributed to conversion rate increases for our clients includ making the page content more skimmable, adding sections that highlight vendors, dietary options, the tour itinerary, inclusions/exclusions, tour-specific FAQs and tour-specific reviews. 

In many paid social campaigns you can spend blindly. At TOMIS we leverage historical data, such as booking locations and booking residences, as well as built out customer personas to define Facebook Ads targeting parameters to only spend money on the most qualified candidates in our campaigns. This data is not only leveraged in targeting parameters though, we also leverage it in ad creative and landing pages. For our Atlanta-based brewery tour client, this campaign strategy drove above average ad quality rankings and 280% more initiate checkouts  than our Atlanta-only audience.

 Leveraging the TOMIS AI ChatBot, food and drink tour operators have reduced friction in the booking process and directed users to top recommended tours based on their interests, needs and availability. We’ve created a multi-activity automated ChatBot for our Nashville client that directs users to the tour type that fits their taste, whether that’s a food tour, a whiskey tour, or a sightseeing tour with food and drink samples included. From there, in real time a user can check upcoming availability for the tour, date and number of people they’re interested in booking for.

MJE - Email Marketing
Mint Julep Tours

Case Study

Email Automation

The Welcome Email Automation sets the tone for all future email marketing correspondence. 

This client has three emails in their Welcome Automation. Each email in the series has its own objective and messaging associated with it, with strategic send times based on drip email tactics and the client’s average booking lead time.


Open Rate


Online Revenue Attributed


Leads Attributed

January 2021 – October 2021

Go Tuk'n -
Go Tuk'n Logo

Case Study

Growth During COVID-19

With a new website build and a robust mix of marketing services, we were able to help Go Tuk’n continuously drive valuable traffic to their site as well as develop new offerings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in Online Revenue


Increase in Online Conversion Rate

Jan – Aug 2021 compared to Jan – Aug 2019

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Mint Julep Testimonial

The best in the industry in analytics, digital design, and advertising; while also handling multiple locations in my opinion.

Mint Julep Tours

Sean Higgins


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