Digital Marketing for Walking Tours

Integrated Marketing Strategies for Walking Tour Operators

From public to private walking tours, to larger corporate/conference groups — we understand the diversity many walking tour operators provide.  Our agency has worked with clients in all major US markets, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York. We’ve worked with operators who pari walking tours with food tours, historic sightseeing, haunted tours and more. We understand the seasonality and cross-over in your industry and customize our marketing strategies accordingly.

Knowing how competitive your markets can be, we put more digital marketing best practice checks in the prioritized boxes than your competitors. Our agency has a team dedicated to urban tourism and a team dedicated to outdoor recreation and activities, as well as software products tailored to save you time, enhance your customer’s experience and increase online revenue. Below are a few of the services and products we leverage to grow our walking tour operators’ businesses.  

Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Historic Tours
  • Food Tours
  • Haunted Tours
  • Group/Private Tours
  • Multi-Locations
  • Multi-Season Operators
  • Cross-Over Tours

A Few of our Walking Tour Clients

Services & Products for Walking Tour Operators

A strong SEO foundation begins with an on-page keyword strategy, but is bolstered by off-page SEO initiatives. For our clients who offer walking tours, we’ve found there are key customer personas to tailor the content and search strategy to. Couples, large groups and in-destination sightseers are just a few audiences we’ve successfully targeted. We also focus on a hub and spoke content strategy that complements the tour route, sights and stories. A hub and spoke strategy signals to search engines expertise and authority.

Leveraging a funnel paid social campaign strategy has proven successful in moving buyers through discovery to consideration to purchase. We start by targeting the interest in the destination itself, and narrow by the tour categories. We highlight the points of interest, the exclusive access and tease the stories that guests would hear on a walking tour. To close the loop, we run stacked retargeting campaigns to capture any abandon bookings or sway those those still in the consideration phase. We understand a walking tour introduces visitors and locals to the culture and landscape of the city, and is a great way to kickoff travels in a destination. With that understanding, we tailor our paid social strategy and messaging accordingly.

TOMIS works with advertising budgets of all sizes when it comes to Google Ads. Depending upon paid advertising goals and business initiatives, we also manage and optimize a variety of campaign types — from search to performance max to retargeting list search campaigns. We understand the flow of tourism and the seasonality of walking tours in some markets, and adjust the budget and ads accordingly.

Chances are if you’re a walking tour operator, you’re always on the go. This leaves little time for you or your staff to field every last minute booking question coming through over the phone or email. The TOMIS AI ChatBot has been leveraged by walking tour and city sightseeing operators to enhance the online user experience by answering tour related questions; providing recommendations based on the user’s interests, needs and availability; directing customers to meeting locations; and sharing helpful area information by featuring blog posts and key website pages.

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