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Built from 7+ years of managing and growing tour operator businesses, TOMIS is here to make sense of your marketing and sales data and generate you more bookings. Plain and simple.

TOMIS Marketing Agency

Data-driven & automated

TOMIS automates the previously manual marketing processes and allows you to spend more time on revenue-generating marketing efforts. As a result, the platform increases your sales and decreases wasted spend by leveraging data-driven marketing campaigns.

As my business continues to grow, one of the challenges I face is to track and monitor the performance of the increasing number of financial and marketing metrics that go into showing the overall health of my company.

Jeff Baldelli


Glacier Raft Company & Glacier Anglers

Complete Data Aggregation

TOMIS aggregates and analyzes all of your marketing and sales data. TOMIS then uses machine learning to constantly predict optimal marketing placement across dozens of platforms (Facebook, Google, MailChimp etc.) and deliver optimized marketing recommendations.