Recurring Services

Google Ads Management & Reporting

Google Ads are constantly optimized and reported on once a month. Our integrated Ads strategy is tailored to your business objectives, competitive landscape, and organic traffic rankings. Our customized conversion tracking ensures we can track every dollar spent to understand your ROAS.

  • Google Advertising Partner
  • Remarketing List Search Advertising
  • Tailored Ad & Bid Schedule Based on Historical Bookings

Paid Social Media Management & Reporting

We use your customer data to create, manage, and report on a variety of strategic marketing campaigns via social media.

  • Abandoned Cart Retargeting on Facebook & Instagram
  • Automated Birthday Campaigns
  • And more…

SEO Management
& Reporting


We optimize on and off of your website and deliver an updated keyword hit-list to help your team and ours optimize new content going forward. Our strategy will also account for seasonality, the need to drive group bookings, and remain agile to account for new keyword trends and consumer purchasing behavior.

  • All on-page optimization for Metadata, Images, etc
  • Internal linking optimization
  • Structured data updates
  • And more…

Campaign Strategy & Execution

We will create, manage and report on strategic marketing campaigns based on the quarterly marketing strategies we create for you. These efforts range from lead scoring, automated lead nurturing, and website lead capture, to special events, corporate marketing or contest campaigns.

  • Automated email newsletter sequences 
  • Dynamic contact form 
  • Contest campaigns, giveaways & more…

Website Optimization 

We focus on understanding your site’s visitors and the buyer journey. We will utilize all data to
understand and inform changes to your website’s front-end (user interface and user experience) to streamline the purchasing process and improve the sales funnel while also supporting ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Enhance mobile experience
  • Optimize for conversions
  • Increase site speed and image load time
  • And more…

Blogging / Content Marketing

We will assist you with creating new content by providing blog templates that you will fill out, and then we optimize and publish. We will also help you fill content gaps on your site by analyzing competitor efforts, creating pages based on our SEO research, and brainstorming ideas for new evergreen pieces of content.

  • 1-2 quality posts per month
  • Blog content promotion 
  • Content optimization based on SEO strategy

Add-on Services

Intelligent Chatbot

Meet your newest employee. Our intelligent chatbot is custom-tailored to your business. Customers receive instant replies to their enquiries 24/7, keeping them happy and saving you time.

Historical Booking, Pricing, & Weather Analysis

Our Data Science team will analyze factors that contribute to demand, including historic pricing changes and resulting changes in revenue, weather versus seasonal revenue correlations, competitors’ prices and product segmentation, the use of coupons and discounts, website visitors, and online and offline transactions.

  • Booking and weather correlation analysis
  • Historical capacity analysis
  • Pricing recommendations

Technical Website & SEO Audit

Our website audit will examine your website, looking at technical SEO, brand consistency, user experience, user engagement, user testing, user flow, and booking pathways for both desktop and mobile experiences.

  • Website Conversion Recommendations
  • Exhaustive SEO Audit
  • Branding & Content Recommendations

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