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TOMIS can look at your digital marketing technology to help you evaluate if what you’re using is right for your business. We’ll work with you to understand your operational processes and assess what new technology can be utilized to boost efficiency, track performance, automate and enhance your customers’ experience.


TOMIS can help analyze your current strategy, and advise on best practices to better leverage a holistic approach across primary marketing initiatives such as SEO, Blogging, Paid Social Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. 


We’ll work with you to help define business objectives and utilize new processes to target key goals such as mid-week tours, private vs public, competition, and more. We’ll also look at ways to better understand your entire customer journey from discovery to post-trip review. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Lawless Forge
Lawless Forge, SEO for Tour Operators

Case Study

SEO Efforts Driving Historical Growth In 2021

Lawless Forge brought on SEO services to maintain the foundation set during their 2019 website build. Through a strong keyword strategy, regular SEO audits, and consistent optimizations , they have seen significant year-over-year growth in organic traffic & revenue.




Organic Traffic

+ 93%

Organic Traffic Ecommerce Conversion Rate

+ 163%

Online Revenue From Organic Traffic​

Nashville Pedal Tavern

Case Study

ChatBot Performance: January - September 2021

As the leading Party Bike brand in the industry, their staff used to deal with thousands of unnecessary phone calls and emails for FAQs. Their ChatBot has proven to not just be a very effective automated customer service agent, with only 3% of visitors requesting a human, but also an extremely powerful sales enablement tool. Those that interacted with the Bot booked online at a 167% higher rate than the all website traffic average. 


Total Customer Messages


Bookings from the Bot


Online Revenue from the Bot

Glacier Raft Co.

Case Study

Glacier Raft Company

Glacier Raft Company is a whitewater rafting outfitter in West Glacier, MT. In 2021, we set out to increase bookings for fly fishing trips. In order to do so, we leveraged the ever popular fly fishing reports and implemented a “Popular Fishing Trips” sidebar to create a more direct booking flow for potential customers. 


Increase In Pages Per Session


Increase In ECom Conversion Rate


Increase In Online Revenue

Heli NY
HeliNY Sightseeing

Case Study

10x+ Return For Helicopter Sightseeing Operator in New York City

HeliNY’s ROAS was 10.6x in their first year working with TOMIS. This compares to a 1.5x ROAS under different management in 2019.

While we like to say Google Ads performance is a marathon, not a sprint, this is an example of immediate performance increase out of the gate.


ROAS in 2021 vs 2019 under different management


Revenue Generated From Google Ads (4/16/21 - 10/13/21)


Increase in ROAS

Whitewater Express Logo 2

Case Study

Increased Revenue & Exposure Year-Round

In the summer of 2020, Whitewater Express began running paid social ads to promote their year-round rafting and zip line business out of their Columbus, GA location. 

It didn’t take long for Whitewater Express to benefit from the additional brand awareness and website visitor retargeting ads.  


+ 1,072%

Return On Ad Spend

+ 821,019

Targeted Potential Clients Reached

+ 1,639

Link Clicks that Drove Additional Website Traffic

new mexico river adventures

Case Study

New Rafting Website Driving Massive Growth

In early 2021 we launched the New Mexico River Adventures redesigned website. Our team kept an eye towards current keyword rankings and site structure to preserve historic performance. 8 months after launch, online revenue was up 136% and contact form submissions went down 67%. We know this website will continue to perform for years to come. 


Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Decrease In Contact Form Submissions

Arkansas River Tours Logo

Case Study

Organic Traffic Growth & Sales Through Content Marketing

A product feature piece is never a bad idea. Especially in a destination market where travelers can easily choose from trip recommendations. Our 2019 blog Top 5 Colorado Springs Rafting Trips immediately jumped to the top of search results and offered potential customers an easy way to find ART’s top offerings. 


Contribution To Organic Traffic Growth

+$28, 151

In Online Revenue



Mint Julep
Mint Julep Tours

Case Study

Email Automation

The Welcome Email Automation sets the tone for all future email marketing correspondence. 

This client has three emails in their Welcome Automation. Each email in the series has its own objective and messaging associated with it, with strategic send times based on drip email tactics and the client’s average booking lead time.


Open Rate


Online Revenue Attributed


Leads Attributed

January 2021 – October 2021

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