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Integrated Marketing Strategies to Fill Your Lines!

Your business hums when the ziplines are at full capacity everyday during peak season. Maybe that’s not your reality right now though, and it’s a challenge to simply secure advanced bookings. An integrated marketing strategy specifically designed for your business could propel you toward your booking and revenue goals. 

That’s where TOMIS comes in.  Our agency has specialized tools as well as software products tailored to save you time, enhance your customer’s experience and increase online revenue. With industry expertise, we’re able to customize marketing strategies to your industry seasonality and booking trends. TOMIS fills the gaps your marketing team doesn’t have time for and can even carry the full marketing load so you can focus on revenue generating tasks. 

Below are a few services and products we leverage to grow zipline businesses.

Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Increased advanced bookings 
  • Increased mid-week bookings
  • Extended early season bookings
  • Extended shoulder season bookings

A Few of our Zipline Operator Clients

Products & Services for Zipline Operators

For the 2022 season, River Riders saw a 18X return on ad spend (ROAs) for rafting and zipline paid social efforts. By specifically implementing an abandoned booking campaign to bring users back to the site, there was a 102X ROAs from that campaign alone. This allowed River Riders to capture additional revenue that could have otherwise been lost. 

Since launching in July of 2020, The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring’s TOMIS ChatBot has received 14,274 customer messages and had 611 bookings from the bot. On the website alone, the ecommerce conversion rate was 3.54%, while the ecommerce conversion rate of the ChatBot was 6.10%, a 72% increase in ecommerce bookings! The value of each booking also increased with the ChatBot on the site to answer customer questions, freeing staff up for day to day operations.

Since Glacier Highline started working with TOMIS in 2017, they’ve seen incremental increases in total online revenue, with a 121% YoY increase in 2020. Organic website traffic specifically is up 40% with an ecommerce conversion rate of 1.57%, an 86% increase YoY. These numbers prove that consistent SEO efforts pay off.

Montana Whitewater has been a TOMIS client since 2018. Consistent CRO updates to their website using data driven recommendations have resulted in a 25% increase in ecommerce conversion rates for the peak 2021 season (June 1-Sept 30). That increase has led to a 66% increase in online transactions, adding significant revenue dollars for the 2021 season. 

River Riders
River Riders Zipline Logo

Case Study

ChatBot Performance: 2022 Season

The objective of the River Riders ChatBot was to streamline customer communications & eliminate repetitive time-sucking questions through email, phone calls, and social messages for common questions. 

River Riders’s ChatBot proved to be an effective automated customer service agent with only 4% of visitors requesting a human, but also a powerful sales assistance tool. Within the first six months, the River Riders ChatBot drove $29,083 in online revenue. 


Total Customer Messages


Bookings from the Bot


Online Revenue from the Bot

Glacier Highline
Glacier Highline Ziplines

Case Study

Organic Traffic & Revenue Growth in 2021

Maintaining marketing services year round may be a question in your mind, however, you may want to think again. Glacier Highline continues to have historical success marketing in the off season, and specifically through search engine optimizations

Now, in 2021, Glacier Highline has seen incredible organic traffic growth which has led to an increase in revenue as well.  


+ 289%

Organic Traffic Growth

+ 10%

Online Bookings from Organic Traffic

+ 33%

Total Booking Value

River Riders
River Riders Zipline Logo

Case Study

Increased Return on Advertising Spend

River Riders leveraged paid social media marketing efforts for their 2022 season. We were able to turn that investment into a significant return on ad spend (ROAs). 

With just a single Abandoned Booking campaign, River Riders turned their ad spend into a 102X ROAs which led to more revenue dollars in their pocket.



Total Paid Social ROAs


Paid Social Abandoned Booking ROAs


Paid Social Average CTR

The Adventure Park
Zipline Adventure Park

Case Study

Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate via the ChatBot

From the beginning of 2021 The Adventure Park’s ChatBot has yielded an ecommerce conversion rate significantly higher than that of their site alone. 

Adding the ChatBot has allowed The Adventure Park to capture additional bookings and ultimately revenue dollars that could have otherwise been lost. 



ChatBot Ecommerce Conversion Rate


ChatBot vs Website Ecommerce
Conversion Rate


Total Bookings from ChatBot

Montana Whitewater
Zipline Operator

Case Study

Increased Return on Investment

Montana Whitewater leveraged paid social media marketing efforts for their 2021 zipline and rafting season. We were able to turn that investment into a significant return on ad spend (ROAs). 

With just one campaign along, Montana Whitewater turned their ad spend into a 30X ROAs which led to more revenue dollars in their pocket.



Total Paid Social ROAs


Paid Social Retargeting ROAs


Paid Social Average CTR

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Glacier Highline

“[TOMIS’] growing and knowledgeable team has always listened to our needs and concerns and turned those into successes with huge upturns in our online traffic conversions while maintaining a great ROI year over year. We have grown exponentially each year with TOMIS’ ongoing strategies and insights into our online marketing and the industry itself. We highly recommend TOMIS’ service and staff to anyone in the tour industry.”

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Keshia Fisher


Glacier Highline

Zipline Operator

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