Digital Marketing for Rental Companies

Integrated Marketing Strategies for Rental Companies

Whether you have owned your rental business for years or just started up, solid digital marketing establishes or helps you further your rental brand. As you know, the rental business comes with many factors like seasonality and capacity that need to be part of a rental business’ integrated marketing strategy. We keep this top of mind while creating quarterly marketing strategies with our rental clients so that spend and big website improvements align with our client’s individual seasonality and capacity.


Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Phat Tire Rental
  • Electric Bike Rental
  • Traditional Cruiser Rental
  • Pontoon Rental
  • Classic Car Rental
  • Kayak Rentals
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals
  • Self-Bailing Raft Rentals
  • Jet Ski Rentals

A Few of our Rental Clients

Products & Services for Rental Companies

After acquiring a high-quality partnership and link from a local CVB, Vista Trail Bikes received an increase in website traffic in just a month. Users were spending an average of 5 minutes and 16 seconds on the website. The lead conversion rate from users referred from the CVB was 6.25%.

A Content Marketing strategy typically begins with keyword research to identify opportunities to capture local search terms related to rentals. Our bike rental client saw seen an increase in ranking for keywords like “tahoe bike trail.” Shortly after, we saw an increase in other Tahoe related keywords for other pages.

In 2021 (1/1/21 – 10/4/21) OneHHI realized an 8.7x ROAS from Google Ads online bookings. Compared against the same time period in 2019 when OneHHI was running Google Ads that were not built or managed by TOMIS, they realized a 1.9x ROAS. This is a 354% increase in revenue while spend was only increased by 0.3% under TOMIS. In addition to the 206 online bookings, Google Ads also produced 418 phone call and 14 email leads.
Since adding the TOMIS ChatBot to their site, our rental client had enormous success receiving customer messages! They were able to effectively answer client questions without having to dedicate as much of their personal time. With newfound time, they were able to dedicate so much more to other areas of their business. 
Glacier Raft

I have worked with TOMIS for many years. They created my website and have been managing my digital marketing, SEO and Adwords for years. My business has seen substantial growth since partnering with TOMIS. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Baldelli


Glacier Raft Company

Mint Julep

We came to the point when brand maturity and market growth required more than a lay person’s attention to our digital presence. At the same time, we needed to continue being able to stay hands-on with our brand’s community presence. TOMIS hit the mark with both of those needs.

Gregory Cowan


Defiance Rafting

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Vista Trail Bikes
vista trail bikes

Case Study

New Website Build

Vista Trail Bikes is a small bike rental operator out of North Lake Tahoe, that launched business in spring of 2020. 


After one season, Vista Trail Bikes was ready for more growth, but realized awareness and a website that converted was necessary.


In the Spring of 2021, a new website was launched for Vista Trail Bikes. The objective of the new site was to drive more organic traffic through the SEO strategy put in place with the new website and increase online booking conversion rate.


Increase in total website visitors (last 6 months compared to previous period)


Increase in organic traffic (last 6 months compared to previous period)


Decrease in the percentage of visitors bouncing off of the site (last 6 months compared to previous period)

OneHHI Hilton Head Tour Operator

Case Study

Paid Social Marketing

One HHI is a water sports rental operator out of Hilton Head Island. 

The objective of the paid social advertisements was to drive more social traffic and increase online booking conversion rate. After launching their paid social advertisements and other marketing services their overall revenue increased 581.87% in the last 6 months compared to the previous period.  


Increase in social revenue (last 6 months compared to previous period)


Increase in social traffic (last 6 months compared to previous period)


Increase in the ecommerce conversion rate (last 6 months compared to previous period)

Bay City

Case Study

ChatBot Performance: January - September 2021

The objective of the ChatBot was to eliminate repetitive time-sucking questions through email, phone calls, and social messages for common questions. 

Bay City’s ChatBot has been an effective automated customer service agent with only 4% of visitors requesting a human, but also a powerful sales assistance tool. Those that interacted with the Bot booked online at a 174% higher rate than the all website traffic average. 


Total Customer Messages


Bookings from the Bot


Online Revenue from the Bot

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