Digital Marketing for Fishing Outfitters

Digital Marketing For Guided Fishing Tours

We “rise” to the occasion season after season for our guided fishing clients. Located in one of America’s top trout fishing destinations (Missoula, MT),  many of TOMIS’ team members are avid anglers or have worked in the industry. Marketing for the guided fishing industry is one of our specialties. We understand the seasonality of bookings, shoulder seasons, and the premium experience guided fishing customers are looking for. In an industry where reputation is everything, our services are designed to help strengthen and support the brand our clients have worked so hard to build. Rest assured that your ideas will be heard and incorporated into an integrated marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific goals. Our suite of software products will save you time and our marketing services will help you grow, so that you can put more focus on your operations. Keep reading to check out some of the products and services we leverage to grow our guided fishing client’s business.

Our Expertise In This Industry Includes...​

  • Brand management
  • Fishing reports
  • Destination travel & fishing
  • Extending shoulder seasons
  • Guide hiring
  • Online stores (e-commerce)
  • Content focus & promotion
  • Lodging partnerships

A Few of our Guided Fishing Tour Clients

By implementing internal linking best practices and optimizing on-page headings, Solitude River Trips, a rafting and fly fishing outfitter located on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, was able to achieve a featured snippet on Google for their primary fly fishing trip page. This resulted in improved rankings and increased traffic for the page across multiple search terms.

In 2021 vs. 2022, Solitude River Trips experienced a 44% increase in organic traffic and a 14% increase in online revenue attributed to this page.

Whitewater Express has seen a direct ROI of 15x in 2021 for Google Ads (this is just from online transactions, not including the 980 phone call and email leads). 
In just one season, Whitewater Express’s Google Ads Conversion rate increased 50% and cost per conversion went down +25%.  TOMIS efforts continue to bring traffic, new customers, and online bookings to the Whitewater Express site. 

In less than one year, using our tried-and-true, full-funnel Paid Social marketing approach, TOMIS has brought in over $23,000 in revenue directly attributed to Facebook and Instagram ads for Glacier Raft Company. Implementing a website retargeting campaign, which had a 49X ROAS, was a key factor in driving this additional revenue for Glacier Raft Company.

Originally used to communicate fishing reports to local anglers, in 2022, we used email marketing to promote Grizzly Hackle’s online fly shop which contributed to 75% increase in their total Ecommerce revenue.

During 2022, fly fishing report emails helped to increase traffic from email campaigns by 40% which led to increases in guided tours and in-store sales.

Capturing leads and building a customer base is a great offseason tactic for fly fishing retailers and outfitters like the Grizzly Hackle. It offers an opportunity to engage potential customers during the trip planning phase, keeps users engaged with promotion of content, and provide a steady drip of valuable information to help them choose you over a competitor.

Grizzly Hackle SEO For Fly Fishing Outfitters

Case Study

Organic Traffic Surges in 2020, Despite the Pandemic

From on-page optimizations to local SEO work, backlink outreach and keyword-focused content marketing, the Grizzly Hackle’s organic traffic soared in 2020. Their top performing blog last year earned them the featured snippet for “Fly Fishing in Montana” and resulted in nearly 25,000 website visits. 


Organic Traffic

+ 144%

Organic Traffic Conversion Rate


Website Visitors From Their Top Blog

Arkansas River Tours Logo

Case Study

3-Year Performance & Historical Growth

After our third season with Arkansas River Tours running year-long marketing services, we’ve seen significant growth. In 2019 and 2020, Arkansas River Tours had the highest percentage revenue increase of any of the 48 outfitters on the Arkansas River.


Gross Revenue Increase Since 2018


Increase in Organic Traffic


ROI Increase from Google Ads


Case Study

Increased Brand Awareness + Retargeting = Increased Revenue

Glacier Raft Company began running paid social ads in 2021 to promote their fishing, rafting & lodging business outside of Glacier National Park. GRC immediately saw the benefit from running  additional brand awareness and website visitor retargeting campaigns.  


Return On Ad Spend

+ 116,160

Targeted Potential Clients Reached

+ 3,903

Link Clicks that Drove Additional Website Traffic

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Glacier Raft

I have worked with TOMIS for many years. They created my website and have been managing my digital marketing, SEO and Adwords for years. My business has seen substantial growth since partnering with TOMIS. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Baldelli


Glacier Raft Company

Mint Julep

We came to the point when brand maturity and market growth required more than a lay person’s attention to our digital presence. At the same time, we needed to continue being able to stay hands-on with our brand’s community presence. TOMIS hit the mark with both of those needs.

Gregory Cowan


Defiance Rafting

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Digital Marketing for Guided Fishing Outfitters

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