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Integrated Marketing Strategies to Fill Your Adventure Tours!

The truth is, when we’re not working to grow businesses like yours, we are taking the adventure tours you offer. Our agency is composed of adventurous spirits, wanderlust souls, and adrenaline junkies…who all happen to have a knack for digital marketing, too. 


With clients that span across the world and activity spectrum, we have a wide array of experience and a team ready to help you fill your trips. We understand the seasonality and related booking trends in your industry and customize your marketing strategy accordingly. Using a combination of services, we work diligently to help drive traffic to your website, increase your overall booking value, and continue to grow your brand awareness. 

Keep scrolling to see some of the services and products we leverage to grow our adventure tours clients’ businesses.

Our Expertise in Your Industry Includes...

Dog Sledding in Alaska
  • Multi-day trips
  • Half-day & full-day trips
  • Mid-week bookings 
  • Extending shoulder seasons
  • Guide hiring
  • Cultural tours
  • Ecotourism 
  • National Park markets
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Inclusive marketing 

A Few of our Adventure Tours Clients

Products & Services for Adventure Tours

Since TOMIS started working with Aloha Adventure Farms in 2020, they’ve seen an 808% increase in total online revenue in 2021.

Organic website traffic is up over 552%, proving that our year-round SEO efforts are working well!

With the addition of our keyword-rich blogging structure, blogs continue to be a driving source of traffic to Aloha Adventure Farms’ site. Recently added blogs are currently their #2 and #4 most popular organic traffic sources. 

ARTA River Trips signed on for TOMIS services this year. Within a matter of weeks, Google Ads were proving to be one of their top revenue sources. 

In just one season of working with TOMIS, ARTA’s Google Ads Conversion rate increased 168% and cost per conversion went down 65%. ROAS currently sits at 1103%. TOMIS efforts continue to bring traffic, new customers, and online bookings to the ARTA site. 

TOMIS uses a tried-and-true, full-funnel marketing approach when it comes to building out revenue-generating campaigns. Between abandoned booking, website visitor retargeting, and multiple interest-based and location-based custom audiences, TOMIS is able to specifically target customers with messaging tailored to fit distinct stages of their purchasing journey. 

In less than one year, TOMIS has been able to bring in over $13,000 in revenue for Greatland Adventures that is directly attributed to Facebook and Instagram ads. With a ROAS of 1,938%, Paid Social has been a valuable addition to Greatland Adventures’ overall marketing strategy.  

Since adding the TOMIS ChatBot to their site, our client Whitewater Express has received over 14,300 customer messages! That is right around 230 hours worth of office time if those customers had reached out directly through emailing or calling the office. One of the most valuable benefits of our TOMIS ChatBot is giving you and your team your time back.

With the TOMIS ChatBot, Whitewater Express has increased their online booking revenue by generating over $44,000 from the bot.

Additionally, we have found ecommerce conversion rates to be roughly 60% higher after individuals engage with the TOMIS ChatBot.

Case Studies for Adventure Tours

Greatland Adventures Case Study
Greatland Adventures Logo

Case Study

Historical Growth for Greatland Adventures

With the impact of COVID-19 on travel and tourism, we worked hard to continuously bring traffic to the Greatland Adventures site and support bookings throughout the year 2020. 

With those continued efforts, booking revenue is at an all-time high for 2021—currently 135% ahead of 2020 and 22% above 2019 (Greatland Adventures’ previous record year). 


Online Revenue Increase Compared to 2020


Increase in Website Traffic Compared to 2020


Increase in Total Booking Revenue Compared to 2020

Aloha Adventure Farms Case Study
Aloha Adventure Farms Logo

Case Study

Growth During COVID-19

Not long after Aloha Adventure Farms’ grand opening, this new adventure tours business was faced with the travel restrictions that came with COVID-19.

With a variety of TOMIS services, we were able to improve Aloha Adventure Farms’ SEO, drive traffic to their site, and stay top-of-mind for those planning trips to Hawaii with paid advertising. 


Average Booking Value Increase Compared to 2020


Increase in Website Traffic Compared to 2020


Increase in Total Booking Revenue Compared to 2020

Montana Whitewater
Zipline Operator

Case Study

Increased Return on Investment

Montana Whitewater leveraged paid social media marketing efforts for their 2021 zipline and rafting season. We were able to turn that investment into a significant return on ad spend (ROAs). 

With just one campaign along, Montana Whitewater turned their ad spend into a 30X ROAs which led to more revenue dollars in their pocket.



Total Paid Social ROAs


Paid Social Retargeting ROAs


Paid Social Average CTR

Arkansas River Tours Logo

Case Study

Organic Traffic Growth & Sales Through Content Marketing

A product feature piece is never a bad idea. Especially in a destination market where travelers can easily choose from trip recommendations. Our 2019 blog Top 5 Colorado Springs Rafting Trips immediately jumped to the top of search results and offered potential customers an easy way to find ART’s top offerings. 


Contribution To Organic Traffic Growth

+$28, 151

In Online Revenue



Adventure Park
Zipline Adventure Park

Case Study

Increased Ecommerce Conversion Rate via the ChatBot

From the beginning of 2021 The Adventure Park’s ChatBot has yielded an ecommerce conversion rate significantly higher than that of their site alone. 

Adding the ChatBot has allowed The Adventure Park to capture additional bookings and ultimately revenue dollars that could have otherwise been lost. 



ChatBot Ecommerce Conversion Rate


ChatBot vs Website Ecommerce
Conversion Rate


Total Bookings from ChatBot

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