Core Features

Marketing calendar and management system

Stay ahead with the curve with our full-featured, integrated calendar. Plan upcoming campaigns, track tasks across your entire company, and more.

Marketing and sales reporting dashboard

Easily track your company’s growth and performance across every dimension.

Actionable marketing insights

Eliminate the guesswork in planning your marketing campaigns.

Monthly marketing report

Get the most important metrics delivered to your inbox automatically every month.

  • Access your monthly report archive any time

Automated Review Generation

We know how important online reviews are to your business. Our Review Generation tool makes it easy to automatically direct your happy customers to the most important review sites.

Google Adwords & Facebook Ads monitoring

Track the effectiveness of your current ads to get the most out of your marketing budget.

  • Ad performance by device
  • Monitor ROI, conversion, rates, impressions, and more
  • Engagement by time of day

Keyword ranking monitoring

Your customers are searching for you – make sure they find you. With keyword ranking monitoring, you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t.

  • Track changing positions
  • Competitor banklink analysis
  • Keyword rankings by device

Website health monitoring

Track the effectiveness of your current ads to get the most out of your marketing budget.

  • Server issues
  • “Page Not Found” issues
  • Broken links

Add-on Services

Intelligent Chatbot

Meet your newest employee. Our intelligent chatbot is custom-tailored to your business. Customers receive instant replies to their enquiries 24/7, keeping them happy and saving you time.

Historical Booking, Pricing, & Weather Analysis

Our Data Science team will analyze factors that contribute to demand, including historic pricing changes and resulting changes in revenue, weather versus seasonal revenue correlations, competitors’ prices and product segmentation, the use of coupons and discounts, website visitors, and online and offline transactions.

  • Booking and weather correlation analysis
  • Historical capacity analysis
  • Pricing recommendations

Technical Website & SEO Audit

Our website audit will examine your website, looking at technical SEO, brand consistency, user experience, user engagement, user testing, user flow, and booking pathways for both desktop and mobile experiences.

  • Website Conversion Recommendations
  • Exhaustive SEO Audit
  • Branding & Content Recommendations

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