Instant responses to your customers’ most common questions.

  • Every question your bot answers saves you time and money, and reduces friction in your booking process.
  • Your bot gives immediate responses 24/7, giving your customers the information they need right when they need it.

ChatBot Features

Personalized Responses

Each ChatBot is trained based on your individual business. The customizable responses mean you can tailor the communication as needed. Let your bot promote specific tours, offer gift certificates or coupon codes, and collect insights along the way to improve existing website and sales processes!

Automated Communication
via Website & SMS

Automate the customer experience on your website! In addition, the Bot can automatically respond to customizable pre and post-trip text messages you can send from TOMIS.

Drive More Sales

Drive more online conversions with the help of your Bot by providing customers with the answers they are looking for 24/7.

Natural Language Processing

Our natural language processing interprets customer messages to determine the correct response to send back. This means the ChatBot only gets smarter over time!

Seamless Relay to a Human

Customer’s questions can be unpredictable. If the bot gets stumped, it sends a message directing the customer to a phone number or email address of your choosing.

Custom Branding 

Control the branding and appearance of your bot! Customize the theme color, bot name, and bot icon to match your company’s brand. The bot will live on your website – both desktop and mobile.