The Benefit For Tour Operators Using Threads

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Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, introduced its new social media platform called Threads, which is set to challenge Twitter’s market share of users. Within just a few weeks of its launch, Threads garnered an impressive 100-million-user mark. With the ability to compose and share real-time text-based conversations, Threads provides users with a familiar experience while operating within Meta’s larger ecosystem. This blog post explores what Threads offers and its potential benefits for tour operators.

Understanding Threads

Threads is a new social media and social networking service operated by Meta Platforms, designed to facilitate real-time conversations and sharing of primarily written content among users. It functions as a companion app to Instagram, Threads enables users to post and share text, images, and videos while interacting with others’ content through replies, reposts, and likes. This platform closely resembles Twitter, emphasizing public dialogues over private communication.

By the end of July, Threads active user count had decreased by approximately 80%. However, Meta has announced new features for Threads based on feedback that will be added to improve the user experience. 

A Familiar Experience

Do you already utilize Instagram for your business? If so, it is very easy to set up a Threads account. Threads is currently only available as a mobile app on iOS or Android devices, and users can create an account by logging in with your Instagram credential. If you have multiple Instagram accounts for your partner business or a different location, Threads can accommodate transferring multiple accounts from Instagram into respective Threads accounts.

Threads bears similarities to X (formerly Twitter) or a more text-based version of Instagram, allowing users to engage with posts by liking, replying, sharing, and sending direct messages. By operating within Meta’s current system, Threads allows users to keep their existing usernames and follow the same accounts as they do on Instagram. This strategic move by Meta creates a seamless transition for the two billion Instagram users, making it easier for them to join Threads. 

While the convenience of Threads is undeniable, it’s essential to acknowledge that creating a Threads account is currently irreversible due to its connection with Instagram. However, Meta is actively addressing this concern, promising solutions in the future.

Potential Benefits for Tour Operators

There are several ways that tour operators can benefit from Threads. Tour operators can engage with their Threads social media audience, provide updates, and quickly answer customer questions. The Threads feed allows for operators to make text updates, which can be an effective tool for sharing operational information, promotions, and news. Also, Threads allows for videos to be posted that are no-longer than 5 minutes, making it another great platform for posting short form videos.

If you’re already familiar with advertising on Meta’s platforms, like Instagram, the possibility of future advertising and monetization strategies on Threads offers new options for tour operators to reach customers and generate revenue. However, it is unknown if or when Meta will incorporate advertising into Threads. 

For businesses that don’t have a huge desire to interact with their social media audiences, Threads may not be for you due to it’s conversational nature. But for tour operators who are looking to engage with their audience in a conversational way, Threads could be a great option to engage with users and nurture them into future customers.

Marketing Interest & Monetization

While Threads currently lacks ads or explicit mention of monetization, Meta’s track record suggests that paid social advertising will likely be introduced in the future. Tour operators already advertising on Meta’s platforms, such as Instagram, will find it easier to allocate ad budgets to Threads due to future ad manager integrations. Meta’s ad manager may incorporate Threads as a new placement, offering tour operators additional advertising opportunities. The seamless integration with Instagram simplifies the transition for tour operators and presents an enticing opportunity to experiment with Threads in the future.

Threads For Tour Operators

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Threads emerges as a contender that shouldn’t be overlooked. While it might seem daunting to venture into yet another platform, Threads offers a familiar experience for Instagram users and boasts potential benefits for tour operators. The ability to easily connect with your existing Instagram audience makes it easy to engage with your customers, provide real-time updates, and be positioned for future advertising opportunities. These are just a few ways that Threads can enhance your social media strategy.

Nevertheless, before diving headfirst, consider your business’s priorities, available resources, and the current social media landscape. If Threads aligns with your goals and offers a value-add to your existing marketing efforts, it may be time to embrace this innovative platform and harness its potential for your business’s growth and success.

If Threads isn’t for your business due to it’s lack of advertising, TOMIS recommends implementing a paid social advertising strategy across Meta’s other social media platforms to assist in growing your business.

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