Case Study: Google Ads Remarketing List Search Advertising

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Case Study: How To Outrank OTAs using Remarketing List Search Advertising in Google Ads

With Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) taking more and more bookings from tour operators, we knew we needed to find the most efficient and effective way to show up above them in Google search results. A remarketing list search advertising (RLSA) campaign has shown to be one of the most successful ways to accomplish this. Not only does utilizing these specific tactics put you above the OTAs in search results, but it produces sustainable, strong results with a profitable return on ad spend.

The case study below illustrates an RLSA campaign for a client in the San Francisco Bay area. The data represents a 10 week period from December 2019 to February 2020. Overall the campaign produced a 5.2x ROAS while having a 74% lower cost per conversion than its sister campaign which targeted the same keywords using an automated bid strategy and no remarketing list. 

You’ll notice that in the RLSA campaign, Dylan’s Tours outranked 11 national and international OTAs, including Viator, Expedia, and TripAdvisor.

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