TOMIS 2023 Digital Marketing Case Studies

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2023 was a year of growth for many of our clients! In this post, we’ll share a series of compelling case studies from across the different product and service areas at TOMIS. From increased website traffic and engagement to enhanced conversion rates and revenue growth, these success stories serve as testament to the power of strategic digital marketing campaigns.

Colorado Adventure Center

Improved Efficiencies & Bookings Driven with AI Sales Assistant

Colorado Adventure Center came to us ahead of their busy season, building out a ChatBot in May of 2023. With rafting, ziplining, and an aerial adventure park, there were lots of FAQs for every activity type. In just three months, their AI sales assistant helped 734 users check real-time availability through their reservation system leading to nearly 300 bookings.

CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains

Strong Google Ads Return

This zipline operator is located in a competitive travel market, with direct and indirect competition. With adjustments to overall Google Ads campaign structure, they saw a more efficient use of spend and strong return upon partnering with TOMIS in spring 2023.

Chicago Crime Tours

Unlocked Growth with Google Ads

Chicago Crime Tours unlocked the power of Google Ads within their digital marketing strategy when TOMIS took over their campaign management in July 2022. Leveraging industry-specific search campaigns, Performance Max campaign, Google’s ‘Things to Do’ ads, and search retargeting, this tour operator achieved a strong return on investment.

River Riders

Year-Over-Year Optimizations Result in Improved Google Ads ROI  

This operator’s Google Ads campaigns achieved significant growth and improvement with a full year of data to optimize from compared to the first year of TOMIS services. 


Strong Return Achieved in New Winter Search Campaigns 

In September of 2023 we created a new Google Ads account for Yamnuska, a Canadian-based operator with a large portion of their business focused on winter tours. Despite a more mild winter, we were able to generate impressive revenue growth on a comparatively low budget. December of ’23 saw strong results, and we look forward to the continued optimizations increasing revenue going into the new year.

Arkansas River Tours

Abandoned Booking Showcase: Meta Video Ad Creative

Arkansas River Tours aced Meta Ads with a full funnel campaign strategy, achieving an outstanding 11x ROI across all campaigns. Their secret weapon? A battle-tested drone video that consistently outperformed across campaigns, marking a triumph in re-engaging and converting prospects! 

Southern Star Dolphin Cruises

Meta Ads Drive Strong Return Throughout the Funnel

This operator experienced strong return with Meta Ads for their 2023 season. Leveraging Lookalikes, Propensity Lists, Detailed Targeting, Website Visitor Retargeting, and Abandon Booking Retargeting audiences, they reached customers at key stages throughout their buyers’ journey.

Seaplane Adventures

Holiday Promotion Drives Strong ROI in Meta Ads

Seaplane Adventures’ holiday campaign delivered impressive results with a strong return on investment. The first ad set, running from November 11 to December 19, targeted past purchasers with a 10% discount. The second ad set, active from November 18 to December 23, expanded its audience to website visitors, lookalikes, and brand engagers, offering a compelling 25% discount on gift certificates. The third ad set, from December 11 to December 31, targeted propensity lists and lookalikes, with a 10% discount. This strategic segmentation contributed to an outstanding 13x ROI, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness and financial success.


Craftsman Ave

Expanding Search Visibility for a Niche Experience Through SEO

Serving a niche market with their unique hands-on experiences, this operator expanded their search result visibility through tactical on-site and off-site SEO initiatives, optimizing their website for relevant keywords, improving content quality, and building high-quality backlinks to enhance their online presence.

Teton Scenic Float Tours

SEO Strategy Drives Increase in Organic Traffic & Revenue

Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, Teton Scenic Float Tours increased their online presence and achieved remarkable growth year over year. By optimizing website content, leveraging targeted keywords, and enhancing user experience, this operator witnessed a substantial surge in organic traffic, online revenue, and total booking value.

Grand Canyon Adventures

Increased Organic Growth Through Unique Blog Content

Publishing strategic blog content to this operator’s site resulted in an increase in organic traffic, organic revenue, and expanded visibility for top-of-funnel search queries. The operator even received direct customer feedback that a top-performing blog post on their site, targeting a specific search query, had assisted them through their journey to ultimately completing a purchase.

Gray Line of San Francisco

In 2023, Gray Line of San Francisco’s blog posts emerged as the primary source of significant landing page traffic to their website. Among the blog categories, ‘Area Guides’ stood out as the most popular topic, reflecting a strong user interest in exploring different locales. This data underscores the importance of optimizing a content strategy to capitalize on these kinds of search intents. By prioritizing area guides in our SEO efforts, we enhanced this client’s visibility and attracted more organic traffic from users actively seeking destination insights. By leveraging targeted keywords and strategic content development, we solidified Gray Line of San Francisco’s position as a top authority in destination exploration, maximizing their website’s search engine ranking and driving sustained traffic growth.

Sea Trek

Targeted Email Campaigns & Automations Lead to Higher Engagement

This operator harnesses the power of Email Marketing to cultivate leads into booking multi-day trips, rentals, event tickets, camps, and more. Through a combination of standard newsletters, highly targeted campaigns, and automated lead nurturing processes, they deliver timely, valuable content that keeps subscribers engaged and drives conversions.

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