TOMIS Summit – Learn About The Tour Operator Industry With A Company That Gets It

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TOMIS Summit

Get ready to witness the birth of a Montana tech company that will take over the marketing world as we know it. After tons of hard work and countless hours of development, we are ready to introduce our product to tour operators everywhere.

Our 3-day summit and launch party will consist of:

  • the newest tourism marketing strategies and what to expect in 2018
  • guest speakers from our world-class advisory and data science team including executives from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google,
  • networking with some of the most experienced marketing professionals from the world’s biggest companies and leading tour operators around the country
  • The chance to help develop our product and tailor it to your needs as a tour operator
  • The best food in Missoula
  • and of course what all of us love most – spending time outdoors in a beautiful place.


We are Missoula’s newest software company designed to make your life as a tour operator a whole lot easier. Designed by some of the most experienced data-scientists from all over the world, TOMIS is ready to grow businesses and improve marketing strategy for  the 2018 season and beyond!


We are getting ready to offer our product to tour operators all over the country, and we want to celebrate the start of this adventure by inviting tour operators to learn more about TOMIS during our epic 3-day summit launch event. Enjoy a weekend in Missoula to learn about TOMIS, the tour operator industry, and what digital marketing, machine learning, and automated intelligence has on the horizon. At our launch event, listen to top executive speakers, learn how to improve your business, and understand just how helpful TOMIS will be in reaching all of your company’s goals.  BONUS! Enjoy some amazing food, drinks, fly fishing, and all that our awesome little town of Missoula has to offer.


Why come?  We have speakers from Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft to tell you all of the newest information in recent marketing trends and how to use them to your advantage. Learn about SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram ads, email marketing, lead capture, trip review generation, waiver management, how to segment your customer database, social media tactics, reservation system state of affairs and more. Then, sit down with a TOMIS marketing professional and learn how to optimize your website, marketing strategy, and content, right then and there.  Talk to other tour operators from all over the country and swap ideas and advice, as well as create a network of tour professionals and friends from all over the industry.

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