Page experience score

Google’s new page experience score will be a major new factor in how your site appears in search results.  We’ll evaluate your current site user experience with special attention to your core web vitals, the key metrics that Google will use to evaluate your page experience score.


Mobile device optimized

Besides being another one of Google’s ranking factors, the bulk of your website traffic likely comes from mobile users and that percentage will only increase over time.  We will focus on optimizing your page experience for mobile users.


Secure browsing

Making sure your website visitors have a safe and secure experience is top of mind for any site evaluation and is also one of Google’s page ranking factors.  We’ll make sure your site security is updated and we can also give you options for site hosting on our private server with security updates and plug-ins included.

“One of TOMIS’ core competencies is website optimization and they’ve proven time and again to be the experts, so working with them on these new Google updates made sense.  TOMIS always takes the time to understand each individual operator’s needs, and when our operators are successful, so are we – it’s a win all the way around.”
-Max Harris Brassil, Marketing Manager for Customer Growth at Rezdy